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Dental Implant Procedure

At Mark C. Waring, DDS, we believe that educating our patients on the procedures that they will undergo will best set them up for success in the future. Dental implants are currently the most comprehensive tooth replacement option on the market, because it replaces not only the crown of the tooth but the root of the tooth. The dental implant placement procedure is a fairly straightforward one, but it will require some pre-planning, as well as some follow-up appointments.

Definition of a Dental Implant

A dental implant is a full tooth replacement option that allows recipients to eat and speak as they did before they experienced tooth loss. Most dental implants are made up of three separate parts that work together: the titanium post, abutment, and restoration. Dental implants are used to replace missing or severely damaged teeth with artificial teeth that function in the same way the natural teeth did. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, and even full arches of missing teeth. Dental implants are known for their long-lasting quality and comfort.

Overview of the Dental Implant Placement Procedure

The placement procedure for dental implants will vary, depending on which type of procedure it is. For example, the placement procedure for a single dental implant will be quite a bit different than if we are replacing all of the teeth in your mouth with dental implants. All dental implant placement procedures take place in stages, and the end goal is to provide you with a solid tooth replacement. Dental implants rely on the bone in your jaw fusing with the titanium dental implant post, through a process known as osseointegration. Because osseointegration is a complex process, it can take some time for the post to heal in your jaw before the implant can support the restoration. Usually, this recovery time is no greater than a few months.

Dental Implants: A Superior Tooth Replacement Option

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, where they act as the roots of the teeth that you are missing. Once healed, the implants will be solid and sturdy in your jaw, acting exactly as your natural teeth did.

You should consider dental implants if you:
•  Are missing one or more teeth
•  Are over the age of 20
•  Have adequate bone density and structure to support implants
•  Are not a tobacco user or are willing to quit tobacco use
•  Are dissatisfied with your dentures or bridgework
•  Desire to improve your speech
•  Are willing to commit to several months of the implant placement process

How to Prepare for the Implant Procedure

At Mark C. Waring, DDS, we believe in fully preparing all of our patients before every procedure. We don’t want you do experience any unwanted surprises, so we do our very best to walk you through the procedure ahead of time, so that you go into every step feeling prepared. When you decide that dental implants are the right thing for you, the first step will be to build you a treatment plan. You will come into our office, and we will take some X-rays and 3D cone beam images of your face and mouth to help us better plan for your treatment.

During this treatment planning process, we will determine the health of your jaw and overall health. We will ask you about any medical conditions that you might have that would complicate the procedure and discuss workarounds to any problems that arsie. We will discuss anesthesia options with you and find out which option is the best fit for you. We will give you specific instructions to follow when preparing you for the implant placement procedure.

mark waring dds implant with healing abutment DSC 1067mark waring dds implant with cad cam crown DSC 1073mark waring dds implant with permenent crown DSC 1077

The Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

Dental implant surgery is typically performed in stages:
•  The damaged or decayed tooth is removed
•  We prepare your jawbone to receive the dental implant. This can mean performing bone grafts if there is not enough healthy bone in your jaw.
•  Once the jaw is healed and ready to receive the dental implant(s) we will place the titanium posts into your jawbone.
•  We allow the jaw to heal, which can take several months. Osseointegration takes place during this time.
•  While healing is taking place, we will have your implant restorations made at our state-of-the-art dental lab.
•  Once your jaw is healed, we will place the abutment and implant restorations on the implant posts.
•  We will make sure that the implant restorations fit comfortably and come together to form a good bite.

From start to finish, this process can take anywhere from three months to nine months. The length of time it takes for your dental implant placement depends entirely on your oral health. If we need to place a bone graft in your jaw before placing implant posts, a considerable amount of recovery time is often required.

Placing the Dental Implant

When we are ready to place the titanium implant post in your jawbone, we will make a small incision in your gumline to expose your jawbone below. We will prepare your jaw to receive the implant post using a special drill. We will carefully place the titanium implant posts into the spots that we prepared using the dental drill. These implant posts look a little bit like screws, which helps with placement and osseointegration.

The Final Restoration Placement

Once the implant posts have had adequate time to heal, and we are sure that your jaw is ready, it will be time to place the implant restorations. If we are simply replacing a single tooth, the implant restoration will be a dental crown. If we are replacing multiple teeth, the restoration may be a bridge or even a full arch of permanently affixed prosthetic teeth. Before finishing the procedure, we will make sure that the prosthetic fits into your bite comfortably, and we will give you special care instructions to take home.

If you are in need of dental implants or have any questions about implants, call us today at (480) 820-4342 to schedule an appointment.
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