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Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Tempe, AZ

Periodontal Plastic Surgery - Tempe, AZPeriodontal cosmetic surgery has become quite popular in the last few years because, with the help of the internet, more people have heard of it. At Mark C. Waring, DDS, we are quite proud to offer our patients a way to beautify their smile through a variety of cosmetic periodontal options. If you feel that your smile has too much in the way of gums, we can help. If you feel that your teeth appear too short, or small, we can help. If you have an issue with the way your smile looks, we can probably help – just give us a call at (480) 820-4342 and setup a no obligation consultation. We will get you started down the road toward the smile you desire.

A Variety of Ways to Beautify Your Smile

At Mark C. Waring, DDS, we offer a wide variety of procedures that allow us to accomplish some different things according to what you need. Cosmetic dental and periodontal issues can even help you to achieve a greater level of dental health and hygiene!

Dental Crown Lengthening

Before Crown Lengthening - Tempe, AZIf you have ever noticed that your teeth appear small, then you might need crown lengthening procedure. Typically, crown lengthening is done when we need to restore a tooth using a crown, but not enough of the tooth exists above the gumline to affix a dental crown restoration. So, if you have a serious cavity, or lose some of the structural integrity of your tooth and need it to be restored with a dental crown, but not enough of your tooth exists above the gumline, this is a procedure that can help. This procedure also exists in the cosmetic dental realm and is sometimes referred to as a gum lift.

After Crown Lengthening - Tempe, AZWhether we perform the procedure to affix a crown to a tooth, or to give you a more beautiful smile, the procedure involves removing some of the gums, and occasionally some of the bone from your jaw to expose more of the teeth to your smile. Parts of your teeth that were once covered up by your gums will become visible when you smile.

Dental crown lengthening can help to make your teeth easier to keep clean.

Connective Tissue Grafts

Tissue Graft - BeforeSometimes, as we age, or if you have suffered from periodontitis, our gums will begin to pull away from our teeth. This can be a serious oral health issue as well as an eyesore in an otherwise great-looking smile. Depending on how the issue occurs, the recession of the gums can be slow and hard to notice. Many people report looking in the mirror one day and noticing a big change that they must have missed for a long time.

Tissue Graft - AfterGum recession can present a serious oral health concern, especially when the root of the tooth is exposed. The roots of our teeth are not prepared to deal with the bacteria and physically stressed from being exposed to the foods and liquids we consume. Fortunately, we offer connective tissue and gum grafting to remedy this issue.

We can use tissue grafting to add tissue to your gums, protecting your teeth and increasing the aesthetic value of your smile.

Ridge Augmentation

If tooth loss is something that you have had to deal with, you understand how difficult it can be to feel good about the way your smile looks. Aside from the incredible challenges that tooth loss presents regarding eating and speaking correctly, it can wreak havoc on your self-esteem, leaving you unwilling to smile for fear of showing off a big gap in your teeth. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of tooth replacement methods to help restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile!

Dental implants are currently the best way to replace your teeth permanently because they function in the same way that your natural teeth would. Unfortunately, bone loss can sometimes occur in those who have experienced significant tooth loss. For those who have suffered from bone loss in their jaw, but who would like to enjoy the benefits of dental implants, we offer ridge augmentation, to bring your jawbone back to a healthy state where it will be able to support dental implants.

The ridge of your jaw is where the teeth reside. If you have experienced tooth loss and bone loss, but would like to have dental implants placed, ridge augmentation can restore the bone in your jaw by placing a bone graft in your jaw.

Lip Repositioning

If your lips expose too much of your smile and it causes you to feel self-conscious about your smile, we offer a lip repositioning procedure that can permanently alter where your lip sits when you smile. Having a gummy smile is something that roughly ten percent of the population has to deal with, but with lip repositioning, we can give you the smile you always wanted.

Gum Health is Important

One of the aspects of oral hygiene that tends to be overlooked the most is periodontal (gum) health. The gums help to support and protect our teeth from the foods and liquids that we consume, even the bacteria in our mouth. Thanks to our gums, the tender roots of our teeth are kept safe and our smile is given a nice frame. If the health of our gums suffer, the health of our teeth suffers. Gum health has even been linked to overall wellness, because the gums a such a thin membrane between the harmful bacteria that live in our mouth and our vascular system.

Make sure to come in to see us at least twice a year so that we can help you to keep your gums in excellent condition. Anytime you feel that your smile would benefit from a cosmetic procedure, let us know, and we will schedule a no-obligation consultation to make you aware of how we can help!

Please call us today at (480) 820-4342 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing your smile!

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Periodontal Plastic Surgery has been used to correct gummy smiles and uneven gum lines. We can give symmetry to your smile and frame your teeth beautifully.
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