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Can You Become Allergic to Dentures?

Posted on 6/30/2017 by Dr. Mark Waring
A pair of dentures floating inside of a glass jar.
Dentures are one solution to give you back your life when you lose your teeth. These removable prosthetic teeth restore your ability to eat as well as be understood when you speak.

They are made from molds of your mouth, which helps to ensure that they fit properly and are comfortable. However, dentures can pose some issues that can lead to pain. You may even be allergic to them.

Bad Fit
One of the most common issues with dentures that can cause pain is because they don't fit properly. This can happen when you first get them or after you've had them for a few years and your jawbone has begun to change shape.

Ill-fitting dentures put unnecessary pressure on your gums, and continually rub on them, which leads to inflammation and pain. For this reason, you should first have your dentures checked for their fit and make sure you don't need an alteration.

Gum Disease

Just because you don't have your natural teeth anymore, that doesn't mean you can't suffer from gum disease. While the false teeth won't decay, bacteria, leftover food particles and plaque can still collect on them.

Bacteria can also sneak under your dentures and make a home in the space between the hard surface and your gums. Infection causes inflammation. This is why proper cleaning of your dentures and your gums is so important.

Allergy to Denture Solution

Part of the process of killing the bacteria on your dentures is to soak them in a denture solution overnight. It is possible to develop an allergy to the solution if you don't take the necessary step of rinsing your dentures properly in the morning before putting them back in for the day. Be sure to follow the directions written on your specific solution.

Denture Allergy

If you have ruled out all other possible causes of inflammation, you may be allergic to your dentures. It's not the material they are made out of however. What you may be experiencing is an allergy to the material used to cure your dentures in the lab. Allergy testing will help to confirm if this is what will confirm it.

If you do indeed have an allergy to your dentures, contact our office about what other alternatives you have available.

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