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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal cosmetic surgery has been used to correct gummy smiles and uneven gum lines. Your teeth may seem too short and your smile is too gummy or you may have some teeth that are covered by too much gum and others seem about right. Cosmetic Dental Crown Lengthening can give symmetry to your smile and frame your teeth beautifully.

Some people notice that their upper lip moves excessively when they smile creating a very gummy smile. A Lip Repositioning Procedure can allow the lip to relax and move downward creating a less gummy appearance.

Sometimes gum recession causes the tooth root to become exposed and makes your tooth look longer. This may give you an older appearance and may contribute to tooth sensitivity. Connective Tissue Grafts are done to cover the exposed root and provide adequate gum tissue to protect the tooth from further recession or decay. Freeze-dried tissue (AlloDerm) is often used instead of the patient’s own tissue.

Tooth loss can cause an indentation in the gums and jawbone where the tooth used to be. This happens because the jawbone shrinks when it is no longer holding a tooth in place. Soft tissue Ridge Augmentation can be done that will fill in the defect and give the gums a natural contour again.

Fast. Easy. Safe.

Thanks to tremendous advances in the dental and biomaterials fields we are able to perform periodontal plastic surgery with ease. Most forms of this surgery are minimally invasive and require very little recovery time—allowing you to get back to normal life quickly.

We at Mark C. Waring, DDS are highly educated and skilled in the procedures that involved both the functional and aesthetic aspects of periodontal cosmetic surgery. With our experience in cosmetic surgery and our highly skilled staff, we can give you the look you have always dreamed of.

We are proud to offer the following periodontal plastic surgery procedures:
•  Cosmetic Dental Crown Lengthening
•  Lip Repositioning Procedure
•  Connective Tissue Graft
•  Ridge Augmentation

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